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Though Mammootty looks rough from the exterior, he is pure hearted : Sathyan Anthikad

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Though Mammootty looks rough from the exterior, he is pure hearted : Sathyan Anthikad

Even when he is hailed as the one of the most popular actors in the industry who has an envious profile, many people have alleged that Mammootty is a stubborn and outspoken person.

During a recent interview, director Sathyan Anthikad shared a very interesting tale about Mammootty.

Once when Sathyan Anthikad met Mammootty in a shooting location, he said to Mammootty “looks like you have put on some weight”, to which the actor replied “is it? Then I am quitting non vegetarian food”.

On the same day, the two were invited for a lunch in a friend’s house in Kozhikode. Most of the food items served there were non veg dishes. But Mammootty did not touch any of those.

Sathyan Anthikad asked “why are you not having anything?”. Mammootty said that he has already stopped eating non vegetarian food.

Bemused by Mammootty’s decision, Sathyan asked “you took that decision today morning, why don’t you start it from tomorrow.” But Mammootty said that when a decision is taken, it should be absolutely resolute and should start from that moment onwards.

In the interview Sathyan Anthikad said, “this is Mammootty, he is always determined and inflexible. Once he takes a decision, he is keen on accomplishing that.

This makes him look like a stubborn and arrogant man for people who do not know him well. But he is a very soft hearted man and a sincere man”

Sathyan Anthikad has worked with Mammootty in many movies like Kinnaram, Golanthara Varthakal, Gandhi Nagar 2nd Street, Sreedharante Onnam Thriumurivu, Artham, Kalikkalam etc.

The director’s next release is Jomonte Suvisheshangal starring Mammootty’s son Dulquer Salmaan in the lead. The movie is releasing on December 16th

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