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Unofficial ban against Renjith’s Leela !

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Unofficial ban against Renjith’s Leela !

As per reports coming in from Malayalam cinema industry, once again the issues between cinema associations and film personalities causing trouble related to the release of movies. The latest victim in that issue is director Renjith, as his film Leela is facing some sort of unofficial ban. Renjith had directed and produced Leela based on the story and screenplay of Unni R. Biju was the male lead of that film as well.

But the issue begun when there was a strike happened related to the remuneration of the technicians in this past January. Technicians wanted a hike in remuneration and producers not agreed to them. When the issue become serious, producers called for a strike by stopping the filming of all films in mollywood. But Renjith continued the filming of his Leela by giving the remuneration wanted by the technicians. That was indeed a powerful movement against producer’s association and now they decided not to screen Leela. Distributors and Theatre owners also said to be supporting the producers in this issue.

Renjith is officially a member of producers association and his movement against them after being a member of that association had made the things worse as per reports. Producer’s association had already contacted multiplexes as well saying not to screen Leela. In fact the technicians asked only a small hike in their remuneration. Renjith had stood with them as he felt that justice was with them. But that really pissed off producers association. Many films had stopped filming at that time fearing the consequences if they continued the shoot. Rajeev Ravi- Dulquar Film named Kammatti Padam was one such film which stopped filming due to the strike.

Renjith had said that he had completed the film by taking loans from his friends and well-wishers. If he not got the permission to screen his film in theaters, he will make the DVD’s of his film Leela and will sell it to people standing in front of the producer’s association office. Leela is the result of the hard work of Unni R and Renjith for the past 5 years.

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