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Vedhika’s helping hand to young talents

Vedhika’s helping hand to young talents-Vedhika Talent Gallery-Onlookers Media

Vedhika has already cemented her place as a mainstream actor after the success of Kaviya Thalaivan and Cousins. Her performance in both movies were highly praised both by the audience and the critics.The actor has given a glimpse of her considerate nature through her recent actions. She has inaugurated a new talent gallery page, which is named Vedhika talent gallery. It will bestow the highly talented youngsters with an opportunity to display their skills to a large number of audiences.

It is a disturbing fact that a lot of blooming talents do not get enough opportunities to prove them to the world. Vedhika talent gallery is an attempt to bring such talents to the spotlight so that their god given skills are not left unnoticed. Vedhika spoke about the gallery and noted that her fans used to send their beautiful creations such as sketches, painting and stuffs like that on her Facebook. She said that this gave her the idea of introducing a page solely for such unknown artists.

She said that the contributors would be able to interact with each other since this is a community page. She observed that the artists need spectators and that posting their creations on this page would do that for them.  She remarked that they would be able to win more audience by posting it on this page. She also added that her followers on Social media have supported her unreservedly and that this is a small endeavor to return the favour.

She also assured that anyone who wants to exhibit their aptitude for various art forms such as painting, singing, dancing, poem writing and the like can post their artistic production on the page. She concluded by saying that this is just a small effort and that she hopes that this initiative will pave way for the prospering talents to put their dexterity on view for the world to see.  The page has become an instant success with around 7k likes.Kudos to Vedhika for coming up with this new concept which will serve as a source of motivation to many aspiring talents.  We hope that other actors will soon follow her footsteps and will offer their help to the unexposed creative geniuses.

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