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Suresh Gopi’s Daughter Bhagya Suresh In Mollywood

Suresh Gopi’s Daughter Bhagya Suresh In Mollywood-Jo We Lo-Onlookers Media

But she is not entered Mollywood as an actress, but as a music director and lyricist for the film named ‘Jo We Lo’. It was 55 minute film directed by Syamaprakash. Bhagya Suresh told in a television channel interview that she was writing songs for a long time but it was only confined to her close friends circle. Later with the support and encouragement of everyone, she agreed to write lyrics for the film ‘Jo we lo’. She said that the collaboration with Fahim, who acted in the film also helped her to enter into the film field with their project.

She told that even though she got more attention as she is the daughter of Suresh Gopi, she not wants to cash in on that popularity of her father. She want to stand on her own in the industry and in life, and that is what her father told and taught her life. She also said that Suresh Gopi is always there to support her as a great father. He is her best critic and Supporter and she had the luck to get the support of all of her family members when she chose her own field.

The film Jo we lo has six songs in it and that too in different languages. Bhagya had written and given music to the English song in the film. And add to that Bhagya sung that song too. It was a rare opportunity that can get to a newcomer to write, compose and sing in her debut film itself. She said that she is very greatful to the fabulous support given to her by the director Shyamprakash.

The script writer of the film Advaitha was Bhagya’s classmate and Best friend. Also the lead actress of the film Advika also is her friend. So she said that it was very easy for her to work with her friend group and that helped them a lot to make the film a better one. Anyway long way to go for Bhagya and we wish all success to our New Music director/lyricist and Singer Bhagya Suresh

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