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Wait for the Big bang, Randamoozham is coming

Mohanlal,Aiswarya Rai Bachchan, Amithab Bachan, Vikram in Randaamoozham-Malayalam Movie-Onlookers Media

As per reports, M.T Vasudevan nair is all set to write the script for Randamoozham, the novel which has an epic status in Indian literary history. The one and only Complete Actor in Indian cinema, Universal star Mohanlal will do the role of Bheeman in the film. Randamoozham is the novel in which all the episodes in the epic Mahabharatham were told in the perspective of Bheeman and we can say that it was Bheeman who was the hero or the protagonist of the novel.

It was earlier in the news that veteran director Hariharan will direct the film with Mohanlal in the lead. But later newses came out that M.T is not very much interested in scripting it as it was a very long and big novel and had to be in two parts if it had to be taken in the form of a cinema. Now the news is out that instead Of Hariharan, The magnum Opus will be directed by Sreekumar known as Push Sreekumar, who had directed famous Kalyan Jewellery advertisements with Manju warrier and Aishwarya rai bachchan.

The other in cast list include Amitab Bachchan as Bheeshmar, Aishwarya rai as Droupathi and Vikram as Arjunan. Telugu Super star Nagarjuna also has a role to play in the film. The film will be made in English, Hindi, Malayalam etc . Music Wizard A.R Rahman will handle the musical department and Sabu Cyril will be the head of Art Direction. K U. Mohanan will be the DOP of the film. M.T Vasudevan nair had already started writing the script of the film and The film will go on floors in 2015 august as per reports.

Other technicians working in the film are from China who has directed the action sequences for famous film “Croaching Tiger Hidden dragon”. The project will be in two parts and the first part will include the childhood of Pandavas and the Kauravas. The second part will consist of the incidents after the Kauravas and Pandavas Grown up. The expected Budget of the film is around 250 crores and talks are going on with big production houses like Warner brothers and universal pictures. The first and second part of the movie will be releasing in a 41 day gap.

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