Will Samyuktha Varma return to films?

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Biju Menon and Samyuktha Varma is one of the most liked pairs on the screen in the Malayalam film industry. Fans love them so much so that Biju Menon and Samyuktha revealed that fans are the reason they ended up together in real life. But Samyuktha, who was easily on the peak of success at the time of her marriage decided to stay away from films after her marriage. She is not seen in movies ever since.

However, she appeared in a couple of advertisements quite recently. They are considered as ideal couple which could be illustrated by the fact that it is mentioned in the movie Drishyam where the male and the female protagonist describe how they complement each other so as to lead a happy married life. While fans are extremely happy to see them living a blissful life they do want highly talented actress to return to screen.  Both Biju Menon and Samyuktha have been repeatedly asked the question. Biju Menon responded to this major question from the fans in an interview allotted to the magazine Kanyaka. Biju said that it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that they see her back in movies.

He also clarified that it was Samyuktha’s decision to take a break from her career as she wanted to focus on her family especially after giving birth to their son. He also added that it is totally up to Samyuktha is she wants to return or not and that he will not have any objection, whatsoever, if she wishes to go back to film industry. He also talked about Samyuktha’s significant contributions to his career. He said that he owes the success of his career to Samyuktha since she is always by her husband’s side as a strong support system in any given circumstances.

Biju continued that Samyuktha never bothers him with family problems and handles everything on her own. Hence, he feels relaxed and is able to focus on his movies since Samyuktha is there to fulfill the family responsibilities on his behalf.  The couple worked together in movies such as Mazha, Madhuranombarakattu etc.

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