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Yatra director Mahi Raghav heaps praise on Mammootty; Requests everyone to watch Peranbu

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Yatra director Mahi Raghav heaps praise on Mammootty; Requests everyone to watch Peranbu

Mammootty’s Telugu film ‘Yatra’ is getting ready to hit screens this Friday (February 😎. In between all the last minute works, the movie’s director Mahi V Raghav managed to find team to watch the recently released Mammootty starrer ‘Peranbu’. The Ram directorial has opened to unanimously positive reviews. Critics and commoners alike have been showering praise on Mammootty’s performance. Joining the bandwagon is director Mahi, who has written a note on his social media, which reads,

What makes mammootty sir an exceptional actor is his ability to transform and be that character. I had the honour and privilege of seeing the master craftsman at work as YSR in Yatra… after watching him do closely and as I watched Peranbu there was not even trace or even a shadow of any shade of emotion or person from any of the characters I had seen and admired his work from the past.

Amudhavan (Peranbu)
Deva (Dalapathi)
Bhaskara Pattelar(Vidheyan)
School teacher (Thaniyavartanam) …..

Papa, Amudhavan, Viji, Meera every single character, even the mist and the cat had something to tell me… I bow to the story teller Ram, I have no words to offer but only a lil jealousy that I would never be able to tell a story like this…

I haven’t asked audience to watch Yatra, I always said Please do watch the trailers and promo material and make up your mind but for PERANBU I request and strongly recommend people go to watch the movie.

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