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100 Days Of Love Review

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100 days of love, the latest release in Mollywood was in the news for some reasons such as the debut of young director Jenuse Mohammad who is the son of veteran master director of Mollywood, Kamal. Another reason is that the presence of Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menen pair and they are working together or rather seen together in a mollywood film after the Super hit film Usthad Hotel, in which they worked together for the very first time.

As the title of the film suggests it is a romantic story that the film deals with and we must say it come out in a satisfying way. But that does not mean that it is a perfect love story or a love story you must watch. It is a sort of coming in between that best and worst, a sort of ok film when we consider that it the film made a debutant director. As his first attempt he does a satisfying job and had showed glimpses of becoming a great potential for Mollywood in the future.

The story of the film tells the 100 days of love of the protagonist named B K N or Balan K Nair played by Dulquer Salmaan. The story does not boast of any kind of freshness or something extra ordinary in it. It is a usual love story starts with a love at first sight and then the boy tracks down the girl, there comes another boy who is engaged to the so called love interest of the protagonist and later the girl realizes that her true love or what we call her better half is the protagonist and after some confusions the story ends in a railway station or bus stand. But the makers are tried their best to tell it in a fresh manner even though the backdrop of Bangalore city is a now a days is a cliché setting for all love stories.

The presence of Shekar Menon was really done great to the film as his one-liners and pleasant looks that helped a lot whenever the film lagged alarmingly. Dulquer is as usual in his chocolate innocent boy image and done good and played his role well and Nithya Menen is as pretty as a beautiful doll. The names of the protagonist and the heroine is quite interesting which is Balan K Nair and Sheela, and they just created that name to tell the story in a different way that villain gets the heroine rather than hero.

But the Villainisam was only in the name and that effort was not succeeded to the level that they expected. Because it must have been a real villain and he should have won the heroine’s heart apart from doing all the villainsm. Then only the concept villain gets the heroine stands. In this film it is a mere joke to say the least. The film had some lines and thoughts for the lovers or the ones who love romantic films. Govind Menon’s music and Pratheesh Varma’s DOP was good and it blended with the film very well.

Director : Jenuse Mohammad
Release Date : 20/3/2015
Cast : Dulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menen, Shekhar Menon


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