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How many of you remember the movie R Rajkumar. Well, sorry for the reminder but it is with reason. The 2013 movie starring Shahid Kapoor came out with high expectations. This highly anticipated action masala flick directed by the actor turned director Prabhu Deva turned out to be quitedisastrous but somehow making a safe exit at the box office but let’s keep all the history aside and get back to why we are actually here.

Action Jackson, yes the quite intentionally masala flick sounding title that has released recently, Prabhu Deva’s latest project and starring none other than Ajay Devgan and Sonakshi Sinha as his love interest. The trailer came out with a bang instantly creating a lot of buzz among the people, especially after Ajay Devgan’s Singham Returns. Another action masala which did pretty well both among the fans as well as the box office. So there was much hype about how this movie would turn out to be.

Mostly Ajay Devgan is not exactly as they portray in the trailer but I guess if that sort of thing ticks you its ok we aren’t revealing much about it. The story has a lot of things going on. For instance Sonakshi’s character is a very unlucky woman who by chance stumbles upon Ajay Devgan trying on an underwear in a changing room and unintentionally gets a haunting glimpse at the ahem ahem. But the fun starts from here when she realizes that getting a glimpse of his you know what actually changed her luck upside down. So all she has to do is get glimpses of it in intervals to maintain her good fortune. Nope, we aren’t making this up. Then there is this villain played by Anand Raj who is very much dominated by his sister played by Manasvi Mamgai who later becomes obsessed with Ajay Devgan. Well the story is how all this goes along and a little more which we will leave with you to experience.

In short the movie is quite silly with unimpressive performances and a lot of action movie cliches. Did we mention that Ajay Devgan’s dance ends up with horrible results? Well if not, that too. If you are in to pass time, then it might just work out for you. If not we suggest you run the other way.


Director : Prabhu Deva
Release Date : 5/12/2014
Cast : Ajay Devgan, Sonakshi Sinha, Yami Gautam

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