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Aneesh Upasana’s  Seconds is a really disappointing experience which has nothing to offer to the audience.  It was Aneesh’s second film after his debut film ‘Matinee’ bombed at box office even though got good appreciation from some corners after the Dvd release of the film. Seconds has got an impressive star cast including Jayasurya, Vinay Fort, Aparna, Vinayakan etc. The film begins  with an accidental death  and  murders inside the lift of a building.

The central characters are Veeramani Swamy (played by Jayasurya),  who is an insurance  agent, Teena (Played by Aparna) a jewellery sales girl, Firoz (Played by Vinay Fort) who is a  camera man and Thampi (Played by Vinayakan) who is a cruel criminal and drug  addict. Though they don’t know each other ,destiny made them to meet each other in certain situations. Veeramani Swamy is leading a struggling life and he had to look after his family with his rather low income. Firoze is photographer who wishes to own a studio in his name .

Teena  is sales girl whose low income put her in rather difficult circumstances and she is struggling to pay the debts. She is looking for another job with a healthy income which can solve her problems. Thampi is a criminal who has two wives and he is always in a mood to make quarrels with anybody. The other character apart from these four is Sathyadevan (played by Shankar Ramakrishnan),a filmmaker who is on the way to start to a political career. A  particular day of Sathyadevan’s  life mixes up  with that of Firoze in which an incident that happens between them. That incident in fact turns out to be a life turning day for all of the characters.

Below average screen play is the film’s biggest curse as the suspense and the climax twist they intended was in fact become an absolute failure. Technical part  also did nothing special including the average standard of Gopi Sundar’s music. Performances of the lead actors does not have anything to boast of and we must say that Jayasuya is wasting his good time and talent on such craps.  Salim Kumar, and Anusree etc. are also a part of the cast. The film got some attention due to its pre- release issue and when it actually hit the screens it had become a big time disappointment for all.


Director : Aneesh Upasana
Release Date : 5/12/2014
Cast : Jayasurya, Aparna, Vianayakan

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