Adrishya Jalakangal (Invisible Windows) Review: A Disturbing Dystopian Tale Unfolds in Dr Biju’s Cinematic Masterpiece

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Adrishya Jalakangal (Invisible Windows) Review: A Disturbing Dystopian Tale Unfolds in Dr Biju’s Cinematic Masterpiece

Adrishya Jalakangal emerges as a thought-provoking masterpiece, seamlessly blending multiple genres to offer a profound cinematic experience. Tovino Thomas’s transformative performance and Dr Biju’s directorial finesse elevate this film to an unmissable status, addressing pertinent societal themes amidst a dystopian backdrop.


Dr Biju Damodaran’s Adrishya Jalakangal weaves a compelling narrative set in an Orwellian world, delving into the lives of individuals navigating a totalitarian State. The film centers on a nameless protagonist, portrayed impeccably by Tovino Thomas, residing in a desolate railway coach, discovering an impending war brewing in a munitions factory nearby. Alongside, Nimisha Sajayan captivates the enigmatic woman sharing his isolated world.

Direction and Screenplay:

Dr Biju’s direction offers a poignant portrayal of societal marginalization and governmental control. The seamless screenplay amalgamates elements of psychological thriller, horror, and war drama, weaving a captivating yet disturbing tale that prompts reflection on contemporary global issues.

Dr Biju’s visionary storytelling maintains precision and sharpness throughout the film, crafting a compelling narrative rich in psychological depth and social commentary. The incorporation of magical realism leaves viewers pondering the blurred lines between reality and dreams.


Tovino Thomas delivers a career-defining performance, shedding his familiar personas to embody a character shrouded in reticence and depth. Nimisha Sajayan complements her compelling portrayal, effortlessly embodying a character that exudes agency and resilience. Indrans, Govardhan BK, and Ishitha Sudheesh add depth and authenticity to the narrative with their exceptional performances.

Technical Brilliance:

The cinematography by Yedhu Radhakrishnan masterfully captures the bleakness and isolation of the characters’ lives, each frame resembling a poignant painting. Grammy-winner Ricky Kej’s music beautifully complements the film’s mood, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.
Ajayan Adat’s impressive sound design, coupled with Pramod Thomas’ meticulous sound mixing, ensures a precise and immersive cinematic journey. Dileep Daz’s production design, Pattanam Shah’s makeup, and KR Aravind’s costumes enrich the film’s visual allure.

Final Verdict:

In essence, Adrishya Jalakangal stands as a testament to Dr Biju’s cinematic prowess, skillfully exploring the complexities of human existence within a controlled society. This exceptional film, replete with exceptional performances and technical brilliance, beckons viewers into an unsettling yet captivating world, leaving an indelible impression long after the credits roll.

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