‘Kaathal – The Core’ Review: Unraveling the Depths of Human Bonds, a Compelling Tale of Love, Strife, and Social Relevance

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‘Kaathal-The Core’ Review: Unraveling the Depths of Human Bonds, a Compelling Tale of Love, Strife, and Social Relevance

In the realm of cinematic brilliance, ‘Kaathal- The Core’ emerges as an exquisite masterpiece that intricately weaves together emotions, societal intricacies, and personal conflicts. Directed by the visionary Jeo Baby and driven by the ingenious screenplay of Adarsh Sukumaran and Paulson Skaria, this cinematic gem, nurtured under the banner of Mammootty Kampany, delivers a riveting narrative.


At its heart, the movie orbits around the lives of Mathew Devassi (Mammootty) and his wife Omana (Jyothika), encapsulating a profound tale catalyzed by a divorce petition in the wake of Mathew’s decision to enter a panchayat election. The story adeptly delves into their tumultuous journey, exploring the intricacies of their relationship, family dynamics, and the underlying societal constructs.

Direction and Screenplay:

Jeo Baby’s direction shines brilliantly, orchestrating scenes that seamlessly transition between emotional highs and lows. The narrative’s depth is heightened by the exceptional screenplay, crafting a compelling tale that resonates on multiple levels. The pacing, emotive nuances, and the delicate balance between drama and societal commentary are commendable.

‘Kaathal’ boldly delves into societal themes surrounding the LGBTQI+ community, presenting an unfamiliar love story within a dreamlike narrative. While the film’s material is bold and progressive, its narrative occasionally meanders, preventing it from achieving its full potential. However, the film compensates for this with truly rewarding moments, particularly in the concluding scenes, driven by exceptional performances.


Mammootty and Jyothika epitomize brilliance in their portrayals of Mathew Devassi and Omana, respectively. Mammootty’s seasoned performance brings forth the layers of Mathew’s character, effortlessly navigating through his political ambitions, personal dilemmas, and emotional conflicts. Jyothika, with her sheer elegance and emotive prowess, breathes life into Omana, portraying her vulnerabilities and strengths with finesse.

Mammootty’s portrayal as a character concealing his homosexuality while navigating profound connections is a standout element of the film. His performance not only showcases depth but also highlights the courage of the character. Jyothika, in a significant role, delivers a solid performance, despite minor dubbing discrepancies, contributing significantly to the emotional depth of the film.

At the core of the film’s success lies Mammootty’s remarkable portrayal. His audacious choice of roles and unwavering commitment to character depth demonstrates his continual evolution as an actor. Mammootty’s conviction in portraying this role sets ‘Kaathal’ apart, making it an essential viewing experience.

The supporting cast, comprising stalwarts like Muthumani, Chinnu Chandni, Sudhi Kozhikkod, Anagha Akku, Josi Sijo, Joji John, and Jisshu Sengupta, adds depth to the narrative with their compelling performances, enhancing the film’s tapestry.

Technical Side:

Technically, ‘Kaathal- The Core’ is a masterpiece. Mathews Pulickan’s soul-stirring musical composition elevates pivotal moments, while Francies Louis’s editing seamlessly binds the storyline. Salu K. Thomas’s cinematography, capturing the essence of emotions and scenic beauty, stands as a testament to visual storytelling at its finest.

Final Verdict:

This intense family drama fearlessly confronts relevant social themes, inviting reflection and discourse. It navigates through societal complexities, addressing them with a boldness that resonates long after the curtains fall.

‘Kaathal- The Core’ is not just a film; it’s an immersive experience, a poignant ode to human relationships and societal intricacies, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of cinema.

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