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Anarkali Review

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Anarkali, one of the much awaited Prithviraj film of this year had released today and as you all know it is the maiden venture of writer Sachi as a director. Sachi who came to Mollywood with his partner Sethu, had written a lot of successful film in Mollywood with him and also alone. His individual scripts are successful as well and the biggest success was Mohanlal starrer Joshiey film named Run Baby Run released in 2012. Sachi had written the screenplay of this film as well. Prithviraj who is going through the best phase of his career with back to back blockbusters is also looking forward to get the 3rd consecutive success of this year with this flick Anarkkali. Because of the recent successes of this actor, the expectation level for this film is damn too high as well.

The plot of the film revolves around two characters named Shanthanu and Nadira played by Prithviraj and Priyal Gor. The film begins with an eloping happens in Shanthanu’s family and thereby introduces Shanthanu’s love story through it. He is after searching for his lost lover all over India, was on its way to Lakshadweep as he got an information that his lover’s brother is working as a navy officer there. There his close friend Zachariah also working in a coast guard office and Shanthanu wants to know about what happened to his lover Nadira by meeting her brother Naseed there. Then the flick shows us what happens to Shanthanu’s attempt to meet Naseeb, his flash back about Nadira etc.

The film which is touted as a romantic-thriller moving mostly as a musical romantic movie. As a director Sachi had made a good debut but not an awesome one. Because the length of the film is on a higher side and that makes its lagging at many parts. Specially, in second half the film the series of song sequences really dropped the pace of the film even though songs are good. Sachi had failed a little bit as a writer as he failed to narrate the romantic story in its full intensity even though the story has all elements in it to make it an epic love story. The climax part was saved by Biju Menon’s performance as the climax was too predictable as well.

We have to say that the technical side of the film had done a fantabulous Job. Sujith Vasudev’s DOP once again proved that this man will go miles and miles from here as he had virtually brought all the beauty of Lakshadweep to us. The underwater visuals has been amazing as well which had given a visual spectacle for the viewers. Renjan Abraham’s editing was a bit scratchy and at many parts it gave a feel of incompleteness. At many places lip synching of the actors seems not right as well and it was very much visible in the first song starring Miya. Vidyasagar’s music was melodious and really built the romantic mood in the film strongly.

In Performance Prithviraj once again shines as Shanthanu and at many places he was stunning with his screen presence. But there is also a feel that he is repeating his mannerisms and specially the style of his smile which he using in every film of his without any change. That sometime makes us feel that he is at parts Prithviraj himself not the character. Biju Menon as Zachariah stole the show as well with his witty one liners and great comic timing. He fabulous in the last part of the film with his superb show.

Miya George and Priyal Gore who played female leads in the film had done a matured job And Priyal gore had made her debut here with a good performance. And other actors like Kabir Bedi who played the father of Nadira, Sudev Nair, Renji Panicker, Suresh Krishna, Samskrithi Shenoy etc also done very well. Directors like Major Ravi, Shyama Prasad, Madhupal, VK Prakash also done a part in this film as actors and they too showed us that they can convincingly as well. Mahupal and Major Ravi had shown this long back and many times before.

The film does not have much publicity and the only hype it created was due to the good time Prithviraj was having. Anarkali is just a onetime watchable feel good flick and we have to tell you all that, watch this film without much expectations and please don’t think about the impact made by Ennu Ninte Moideen and Amar Akbar Anthony.

Director : Sachi
Release Date : 13/11/2015
Cast : Prithviraj, Biju Menon, Priyal Gor

Review : Harikrishnan

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