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Badlapur Review

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Badlapur is the latest release from Bollywood directed by Sriram Raghavan and starred by Varun Dhawan. The main cast includes Varun Dhawan, Huma Qureshi, Nawasudeen Siddiqui, Yami Gautham, Divya Dutta, Vinaya Pathak and Radhika Apte. The film tells a traditional revenge story but in a rather great manner. The character development, the narration and the performance of the artists were just amazing to say the least. The scripting was just superb and that make the audience glued to their seats.

Raghu the character played by Varun Dhawan loses his wife Misha, played by Yami Gautham. He also loses his kid along with her. His wife and child was killed by two bank robbers played by Nawasudeen Siddiqui and Vinay Pathak. Their character names were Liak and Harman respectively. The story then move to 15 years later where we see Raghu wants to take revenge upon the killers of his wife and child and he turns to a brutal blood thirsty person. Only Jhimli, a prostitute sees the good inside Liak and she remains as his companion till the end. The character of Jhimli is played by Huma qureshi.The film moves forward with lot of unpredictable events that happens between Raghu and Liak. The end can be predictable but the way it was made was quite thrilling.

The highlight of the film is the mind blowing performances of Varun Dhawan and Nawasudeen Siddiqui. Varun Dhawan showed to the viewers that he had great potential inside him and he is not just a chocolate hero anymore. Nawasudeen Siddiqui is just unbelievable and we can say that he had just given his career best performance as he just as Liak. The looks, dialogues and expressions which give to the character was awesome.

The supporting cast of Vinay Pathak, Divya Dutta, Radhika Apte and others also did their part to perfection and the master story teller Sriram Raghavan has just delivered one of his best as director and also screen writer. His screenplay along with Arjit Biswas was so tight and well-made that there is no scope for a loop hole in it. This is one movie that you cant predict anything even in  your wildest imaginations,such was the  brilliance in its  scripting .

Any way Badlapur is a kind of film which remains in your memory long after you watches it and don’t miss this guys. If you do ,you will miss one of the best revenge dramas ever made in India .

Director : Sriram Raghavan
Release Date : 20/2/2015
Cast : Varun Dhawan, Nawasudeen Siddiqui, Yami Gautham

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