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John Honai Review

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John Honai, the latest release in Mollywood and the name is very popular among all malayalees. John Honai is popular villain character in the classical comedy super hit named In Harihar Nagar, directed by Siddique-Lal team in 1990’s. The character was played by Rizabawa. In the climax of that film we have shown as the character John Honai is dead. But now a character with the same name appears once again through this film titled as John Honai. The film has been directed by TA Thoufeeq and written by Fazal. The film has the four heroes of the In Harihar Nagar film, Mukesh, Siddique, Ashokan and Jagadeesh. Ansiba Hasan played a key role in this film as well. The flick has been financed by Shiju Sudhevan, Madhu and BKS Panicker.

Even though the film has Mukesh, Jagadeesh, Siddique and Ashokan, they are not playing the characters from the film In Harihar Nagar. They are playing different characters in this flick. The story revolves around 3 men named John, Jaffer and Janardhanan. They get 3 crore rupees like a fortune quite unexpectedly and they decided to go to Dubai for a pleasure trip and spend that money there. At Dubai they had to face some serious troubles and the film tells how those problems come to them and how they resolves it. The film is almost 2 hour length and it is touted as a comedy entertainer.

Sreekumar and Kalabhavan Navas portrayed the characters of Janardhanan and Jaffer respectively and a newcomer played the character of John. Siddique comes in the film as the villain named John Honai. Mukesh comes in the film as an investigation officer named Sreenivasan. Jagadeesh comes as a bank manager in this film who had some problems with his speech. Ashokan plays the character named Johny Valookkaran as well. Mamukkoya acting in this as travel agent Gafoorkka and Malavika Menn comes in the film as a tourist guide. Kottayam Nazeer also a part of the film as the assistant of John Honai. Rizabava also acting in this film as Devanarayan.

Have to say honestly that the film disappointed to the core. There was no plot at all for the film and the so called comedy numbers and the performance of actors as well is a flop show. Music by Alex Paul gave nothing as well. The film had many artists from mini screen and the comedy number they showed us reminded us some third rate comedy shows in mini screen. There is nothing in it for the viewer. It neither make you laugh and nor make you cry. It will make you numb with the thought, that why you chose this movie to watch and wasted your valuable money.

Director : TA Thoufeeq
Release Date : 11/12/2015
Cast : Rizabawa, Mukesh, Jagadeesh

Review : Harikrishnan

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