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Kabali Review

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Kabali Review

The most awaited movie of this year, Kabali had hit the screens today all over the world. Super Star Rajinikanth, this name is behind all the craze and excitement for this movie and the hype around this flick is unbelievably high. Critically acclaimed director Pa Ranjith had scripted and conceived this movie which is produced by V Creations owned by Kalaipuli S Thanu. The teaser, songs and posters of the film already went viral in social media and created many records. Kabali has been distributed in Kerala by, Mohanlal, one of the biggest star here in Malayalam film industry. Aashirvad Cinemas owned by Mohanlal and Antony Perumbavoor is distributed the flick here in 306 screens and they organized 2000 shows of the movie on its first day here.

The plot of the movie revolves around an old gangster named Kabali aka Kabaleeshwaran. He is coming out from prison after long years and dying to meet his dear and near ones and the ones who he care about. He lost his wife years back and he wants to take revenge against those who killed his wife. His enemies were waiting for him outside and he had to face their plot against him as well. Before the end of the first half of the movie, Kabaleeshwaran finds out that his wife is alive and he has a daughter as well. And the interval portion ends with a twist.

Pa Ranjith is known for his critically acclaimed movies as he believes in telling stories more realistically than telling it in a mass way. He tried that in this movie as well. But he failed to give a decent output this time. He had wrote a screenplay which gave more importance to emotions rather than creating some heroic situations. But when a Super Star like Rajinikanth is playing the lead, people expect some mass elements and the movies completely lacks that punch. The screenplay and dialogues were below average and the pace of the narration was too low. He tried to use Rajinikanth more of as an actor rather than a mass hero, but it didn’t seem went well with the viewers.

It is not a mass movie but an emotional action thriller if we can sum up the movie in one sentence. If you expect a complete action packed stylish mass Rajinikanth movie like Shivaji or Basha, Kabali will not provide you that and you will be disappointed to the core. Even the emotional parts looks artificial at places. At times the film made us remember Basha due to the presence of clichés like Rajinikanth’s character being the savior of poor etc. The direction was also poor and Ranjith never seems to be in the control. The pace of the movie will test your patience.

The performances from artists is one of the very few positives of this movie. Rajinikanth’s screen presence and that charisma was superb. The stylish walk of his and the vintage mannerisms were all amazing to watch. What makes his performance special in this movie is the control and poise he shown while performing in the emotional scenes. It was really something different from his previous movies. When he played his age, it seems that he had become a far more matured actor than earlier. Radhika Apte who played Kumudavalli, Kabali’s wife, had given ok performance. Her performance was a matured one and the way she had portrayed Kumudavalli with a controlled emotional manner was commendable.

Winston Chao, Kishore, Dinesh Ravi (Attakathi Dinesh), Dhansika, John Vijay etc also done their job neatly. Attakathi Dinesh needs a special mention for his energetic performance as Jeeva. DOP by G Murali served best to the atmosphere in the plot. His frames really set the tone of the flick. Santhosh Narayan’s music was decent but not great. Songs were good and Background music at some parts were decent. Editor of this flick was Praveen K L and his cuts were neat, but he failed provide a decent pace for the narration.

In total, Kabali was a disappointing affair if you are a Rajinikant fan. It will even more disappoint you if you are in the cinema hall to watch a Pa Ranjith movie. The film lacks both mass and class and ended in between them without providing you anything interesting.

Director : Pa Ranjith
Release Date : 22/07/2016
Cast : Rajinikanth, Dhansika, Dinesh

Review : Abhilash Kiran

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