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Kismath Malayalam Movie Review

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Kismath Malayalam Movie Review

Kismath is an emotional love story of a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy. As cliched as it can get. But there is more it. The fact that this movie is inspired from a real life love story works big time for Kismath. Kismath gained the right popularity among the audience with the intense trailer and also with the release of the beautiful audio tracks that has already topped the charts.

The story happens in Ponnani where a 23 year old boy Irfan fall in love with a 28 year old girl Anitha. They seek the help of law to protect them and end up in a police station. Kismath deals with the misleading social and cultural values of the society. There is also a subplot showing the darker side of the police station.

Shane Nigam and Shruthi Menon, the lead pair have given a terrific performance. Towards the climax portions we would start yearning for them and they really do moist our eyes at many scenes. Shane Nigam especially with his boy next door looks and sore eyes fits in perfectly for the character Irfan. The Ponnani accent sounded very authentic and real. Another stand out performer is Vinay Fort as the tough and intimidating police officer.

Director Shanavas K Bavakutty has taken a realistic approach with very few commercial elements. All credits to him for that would have spoiled the whole nature and mood of the movie. Music was really good with the heavenly “Kisa Pathiyil” used in the background aptly. The song Nilamanaltharikalil was also well shot showing how they fall in love and some candid moments. Another major asset of this movie is the running time.

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Another major asset of this movie is the running time. Kismath has a running time of only 110 minutes,  so there is no real lag in the narration and thereby limiting the melodrama that is usually associated with such movies. A round of applause for Lal Jose for showing the willingness and courage to distribute a movie majorly with newcomers.

All said, the movie has its own shortcomings in the making part. Also better writing with much more depth and clarity would have made the movie more intense.

In total, Kismath is worth a watch for all those who love emotional drams.

Director : Shanavas K Bavakutty
Release Date : 29/07/2016
Cast : Shane Nigam, Shruthi Menon, Vinay Fortt

Review : Vignesh Madhu

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