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Lailaa O Lailaa Review

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Lailaa O Lailaa was without doubt the eagerly waited film this season and it had graced the screen today all over India. The film is said to be an action thriller with Mohanlal and Amala Paul in the lead roles along with Kollywood actor Sathyaraj and Bollywood actor Rahul Dev doing important characters as well. And above all this flick is written by the famous and much appreciated screen writer from Bollywood and who happened to be a Malayali as well named Suresh Nair. The Director of Photography of this film is Lokanathan and Shyam Sasidharan did the cuts for the flick. National award winner Gopi Sundar had managed the music and background scoring section.

Now about the plot of the flick and it really turned out to be a different one from what we are expected from pre-release stories. The film is about the life of an Intelligence agent named Jaya Mohan who is known as Jai among his fellow men and his wife Anjali who marries him without knowing the fact that he is an agent of the Indian anti-terrorist secret wing. Jaya Mohan tries his best to conceal it from his wife as it have to be kept as a secret as per the rules of the squad. But a case regarding a terror attack and the investigation behind it leads to the situation that Anjali happened to know who Jaya Mohan actually is and she recognizes that he is not the executive in the export company as he told her. Later some interesting turn of events happens in their life and Anjali also have to be a part of Jai’s team to defeat the plots of a terror group.

Joshiy after a series of setbacks tried his best to set it right this time. Even though it had not that successful but he did it partially good. Joshiy’s direction was not up to the standards like we saw it in his earlier hits with Mohanlal and the technical parts such as editing and camera was also not up to the expected level. But the only highlight was The Complete actor Mohanlal who really given a superb show as Jai Mohan and Amala Paul was not really did well as Anjali.

The film has romance and comedy and not just a thriller alone. The first half of the film goes forward in a medium pace with lot of romantic and comedy numbers which only Mohanlal can pull off in Mollywood with his own unique charismatic way. The action sequences by Stun Siva was breath taking at many parts. Mohanlal given his all in those scenes and it was terrific to watch as well. The bgm by Gopi Sundar is just ended up an average one and it don’t really helped the film to switch from different moods of comedy, romance and thriller.

The film does not have a much big twist in the tail part and in the first half it is more like romantic comedy. That may be also a negative some may found who expects an out and out action thriller. Suresh Nair’s screenplay was engaging but not satisfying and it never really provided much scope for Mohanlal as an actor.  Lailaa o Lailaa was a average entertainer and for the fans  it will worth a watch and even you will not be disappointed after watching this complete actor Show as Mohanlal this time as well fighting alone with his supreme skills to overcome the negatives of a flawed direction and average screenplay.

Director : Joshiy
Release Date : 14/5/2015
Cast : Mohanlal, Amala Paul, Sathyaraj

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