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Lens Movie Review

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Lens Movie Review

Lens is one of the feature films that released today in Mollywood. It is a bi-lingual movie came from a team of newcomers. People not really aware that there is a film coming named Lens in Mollywood and suddenly it got all the attention from the film lovers here, when director Lal Jose had took up the responsibility of distributing this film under his production and distribution banner named LJ Films. The film is directed by debutant Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan and the flick had got all the more attention when eminent film personalities like Vineeth Sreenivasan and Tamil director Vetrimaran spoke highly about the movie. The flick had released in selected screens all over Kerala today thanks to Lal Jose who came forward to support the movie after watching it.

The plot of the film revolves around an interaction between two strangers through internet and the plot takes a turn when that interaction became a kind of hostage drama literally. Aravind is the name of the protagonist and he is a married young man, He is very active in social media and interested in cyber sex more than a physical relationship with his wife. He becomes friends with strangers through online means and once he gets a request to watch the live video of suicide from one of his online friends. The story moves forward from there as thriller and also in a realistic manner.

lens, lens review, lens malayalam movie review, lens movie review rating, thriller malayalam movies,

Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan had just made a brilliant film and we can say that Lens is one of the best thrillers released here in Mollywood recently. The screenplay is fabulous and it follows the path of a Psycho thriller at many places. The narration of the plot is in such a way that it will hold you at the edge of your seats till the very end of the movie. There are no songs in this movie which actually helped the cause as the film did not lag at any parts. Cinematography was very good and it really enhanced the effect of the movie on the spectator. Background scoring was also nice and editing could have been better. The director had followed a completely different path to narrate the plot and he told it by breaking all conventional rules in cinema, through which thrillers had been told before. The sound design of the movie has been fantastic as well.

Director Jayaprakash himself played the lead character named Aravind and he had done a very good job as an actor as well. Many new faces had acted in it and no one let the film down as all of then gave decent performances. Specially, the actor who had played the character named Yohan had done exceedingly well.

Lens is a film that will give you a haunting feel and a thrilling experience. At the same time it gives a message to our society and young generation particularly. The internet addict or porn addict young men in our society making things worse for them and the whole society. This film tells us about the traps that are waiting for us in digital media and also how it makes us fell in those traps even if we think that we are protected from it. Lens is a small film, but it has something big in it and never miss it.

Director : Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan
Release Date : 17/06/2016
Cast : Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan

Review : Abhilash Kiran


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