Love Today Review: A hilarious, youthful entertainer

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Love Today Review: A hilarious, youthful entertainer

After the success of ‘Comali’, which was about a coma patient who missed 16 years of his life struggling to adapt to the new improved world, director Pradeep Ranganathan is back with his next, ‘Love Today’. This time he has a similarly quirky storyline. Interestingly, Pradeep himself plays the lead in the film.

‘Love Today’ is centered around a young couple – Pradeep and Nikitha, who are deeply in love with each other. Atleast they think so. They think they know everything about each other. They think are the most perfect couple ever. Things take a turn when Nikitha’s father, a strict, orthodox man, gives them a test. He instructs the couple to exchange their phones for a day. This opens can of worms on both sides as they unravel dark info about each other.

‘Love Today’ is a modern day entertainer in every sense. Starting from its storyline, to the making and the music, everything is contemporary and appealing to the youth audience. Pradeep and Ivana as the two leads do an excellent job in being the representatives of today’s youth – the film’s target audience. Then there are veterans Sathyaraj and Radikaa to instill some sense to the young lead characters.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is among the film’s best parts. The composer has come up with brillaint bacckgound scores that are apt to the fun mood of the film. The OST, whenever it’s out, is sure to be a sensation.

In short, ‘Love Today’ is an out and out entertainer that knows its audience. It has all the ingredients in the right proportions to become a blockbuster success among the youth.

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