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At last Mili came to see us today. Mili was one of the most eagerly anticipated movie from last year and it got released today. Why people waited for this film..?. Two main reasons for that. One is the name of its director. Yes, it’s a Rajesh Pillai film. The name seems very familiar na..?..Rajesh pillai is the director of the Sensational film Traffic and the success of Traffic is said to be the turning point where the so called new generation films began to appear in Mollywood. But after that Rajesh Pillai announced a couple of projects with Mohanlal and Kunchacko Boban etc, but it never got materialized. And last year he began the shooting of his 3rd film Mili with Amala Paul playing the title character in the movie.

The second reason people waited for the film was the presence of Nivin Pauly as the male lead in this film. Nivin Pauly is in a dream run and had a great year of 2014 with success and success only. And also there was a long gap between his last release and this one. So his fans are also anticipating much about the film. But to tell the truth, Mili disappoints big time to say little. The film has a got a very good theme and had all the elements in that theme to flourish. But it was all ruined by the presentation of that theme in the worst possible manner. The film starts of in a slow pace with the introduction of Mili and it never looked to pick up it pace and lagging all the way to the climax. First half is better compared to second half and climax.

Mili is a moody girl who seems to have interest in nothing and always want to hide her thoughts from others. She always alone by herself and once she had to tackle a problem which is not in her comfort zone and how that incident changes her life forms the central part of the story. We feels that the beginning is a buildup based on this theme and the second half will provide something to boost the predictable story line. But nothing happened and the film ends just like a documentary on Child care. But rajesh pillai succeeded in one thing that he successfully created a realistic feel in the movie.  But on that effort , the Director lost the theme and character half way through the film and second half was only an effort to put an end to the film somewhere or the other.

We are not delving much deep into the story as it was a tedious exercise to tell something that even the director couldn’t establish properly.  The film also has Sanusha, Praveena, Shaman, Sija, Ambika etc and all of them had done their part well. The music by Gopi Sunder was very good.The positive elements we found in the film are the performance of Amala Paul and also some dialogues at the end part or the speech at the end part which had an emotional content to move the audience a little bit. Nivin Pauly had nothing much to do in the film as well. Overall Mili is an average affair which is a film only for those who likes realistic films than entertainers.

Director : Rajesh Pillai
Release Date : 23/1/2015
Cast : Amala Paul, Nivin Pauly
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