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Mariyam Mukku Review

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Mariyam Mukku is the first directorial venture of popular screenplay writer James Albert and the film had a great star cast of hFahad Faasil, Joy Mathew, Aju Varghese, Manoj K Jayan and new face Sana Althaf as heroine. The film don’t have much promotion and hype before its release and the only hope on the film was James Albert who wrote great scripts such as Classmates and Ividam swargamanu. But the film ended up as a below average affair and it is not a good beginning to James Albert as a director.

The story of the film unfoldes in a coastal background and Mariyam Mukku is a coastal village where the story happens. A coastal village where people lives doing small jobs in around the sea. The central character is Felix played Fahad lost his parents at a very young age and he was brought up by Marian  Ashan played by Manoj K Jayan. Marian Aashan is a crooked fellow and he is with his gang power rules the area and felix is the leader of Ashan’s gang.

The film opens with some comedy scenes around this plot.  Ashan and gang went against the religious beliefs of people there as well and it creates a kind of anarchy at Mariaym Mukku. The shrine of Mary in Mariyam Mukku stood neglected as the believers were scattered by the rule of Marian ashan and gang. Later the character of Salomi played by Sana Althaf comes into the scene and the love affair between Salomi and Felix makes things to turn the other way. The incidents that follows after this, forms the crux of the story.

The loose script has ruined the film and the love track has never raised to anyway near satisfaction. The predictable romance sequences and badly constructed characters are just destroyed the feel of the movie big time. Fahadh Faasil had nothing much in his character to show his talents and other actors like Manoj K Jayan, Prathap Pothen, Joy Mathew etc had portrayed the characters without any conviction to say the least. Sana Althaf and Fahadh never really looked in good chemistry as well. Vidyasagar’s music was above average and the visuals was the only positive factor in the film. Mariyam Mukku ends up an below average one and it should have been a better one if the script was a bit more enganging.

Director : James Albert
Release Date : 23/1/2015
Cast : Fahadh Faasil, Sana Althaf, Joy Mathew
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