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Picket 43 Review

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We can say this time..Major Ravi is back..Picket 43 delivered the much needed success that was eluding Major Ravi after Kurukshetra. Prithi Raj also got his winning ways back on track with this after his disaster Tamaar Padaar outing in last October. Major Ravi is considered one of the best directors in India when it comes to the matter of military films. Picket 43 is a much awaited film due to this and also for the first time Prithvi raj had played the role of a military officer. The trailer of the film got viral in the social media and that itself suggested the hope of people on this film. Major Ravi -Prithvi Raj combination doesn’t disappoint the spectators.

Picket 43 is not a usual military film which has lot of gun fire and war scenes. It told the story of a  friendship between an Indian Soldier and Pakistan soldier and their effort to protect their own countries as well as save the peace among both countries. Major Ravi conceived the theme in a terrific manner and the visuals given to us by Jomon T John was outstanding to say the least. Ratheesh Vega’s music was mesmerising and it really brings the soul of the film to the audience. His music was perfect in the sense that it really blend with the story and visuals of the film as well as the underlying emotions that lay beneath its outer shell.

Now  to the performance of the characters. The backbone of the film is the performance of Prithvi Raj and Javed Jeffrey who did gave a sterling performance as the central characters of the Indian and Pakistan soldiers respectively. Prithvi gave one of his best performances as Havildar Hareendran Nair and Javed Jeffrey was simply awesome. It has to say that Javed was the real show stealer in this movie. Other actors like Renji Paniker done their part well and the military dog who performed as Hareendran Nair’s companion gave a memorable show of skills. Unfortunately the dog was not alive now to see the applauds she is been getting.

Prithvi Raj has to say thanks to Mohanlal for this role as Major Ravi has revealed that it was Mohanlal who suggested Prithvi for this role when he was approached by major Ravi to do this film and it turned out to be one of the best in Prithvi’s career.  The film starts and ends with the voice over of Mohanlal as well. The film is also a mirror that held against the suffering, courage, conviction and the dedication of our soldiers and the situation that is prevailing at the border.

It is a film that tells the story of the futility of wars. It is a film that shows us the dignity of true patriots whether it is Hindu or Muslim. Some scenes of the film gives us Goosebumps and the pride of being an Indian and the need to be a human being at heart fills our hearts while we watches the film. We recommend all of you watch this film. It is a must watch for all Indians,  for all who believes that he/she is an a human being first, for all those who loves peace and for all those who love Good films.

Director : Major Ravi
Release Date : 23/1/2015
Cast : Prithviraj, Javed Jeffrey, Ranji Panicker
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