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Ormayundo Ee Mugham Review

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“Ormayundo ee mugham…”, when everyone heard this title, the first thing came to most of the peoples mind is the dialogue of famous fire brand character of Bharat suresh Gopi, named Bharathchandran IPS in the Blockbuster film ‘Commissioner’ directed by Shaji kailas. But this film starring Vineeth Sreenivasan and Namitha Pramod and directed by the newcomer Anvar Sadik has nothing to do with commissioner or Bharathchandran IPS. But the title is very much apt to the story of the film which infact runs forward with a theme of Memmory.

To remember and to be remembered is the two important things everyone wants in life. And that’s what the writer-director Anvar said through a beautiful love story. We are not going to reveal the story in much details to you all as we want you all to enjoy the film to its last drop. It’s the story of Gautham and Nithya, and their true love.

Gautham was delusional , scared and confused after his father’s death. Nithya came in to his life at a point when he was being  helpless and immature in front of his mother who was earning the daily bread for their family. Even though meeting Nithya was pure coincidence,things around Gautham was changing like it was all pre-written by the god’s of love.

The film has a great cast list including Aju Varghese,old actress Lakshmi, Rohini, Kappa tv anchor Soumya Sadanandan etc. Everyone had done their role brilliantly and Aju Varghese become the favourite of many audience with his comic one liners and expressions. Soumya also shines with her crisp numbers and Rohini excels as the mother of gautham. But the real show stealer was the romantic pair Vineeth sreenivasan and Namitha with a mind blowing chemistry and cute performance. Shan Rahman’s music was just beautiful and Jithu Damodar’s DOP was perfect for the film. The newcomer Anvar had done a terrific job as a writer and director and all in all this film has become a very good entertainer for all kind of spectators.


Director : Anvar Sadik
Release Date : 14/11/2014
Cast : Vineeth Sreenivasan, Namitha Pramod, Aju Varghese
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