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Rockstar Malayalam Movie Review

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The main release of this week in Mollywood was the film named Rockstar directed by VK Prakash, one of the most prolific film makers of Mollywood. The film is in the lime light for one reason mainly, as it is the debutant film of Sidharth Menon as an actor, who is already popular in Kerala as a sensational singer through the music band named Thaikkudam Bridge. The film had Eva Pavithran playing the female lead as well. The film which touted as a musical romantic film is said to be a film for the youngsters of the new generation of our society.

The story of the film mainly revolves around two characters named Anand and Athira. Anand is a musician who is leading a playboy kind of life which is very usual in a city like Bangalore. He views life with all its freedom and not wants anything to restrict and restrain him from enjoying his life to its last drop, He does not want to involve in any commitments and Athira is also against the thing called marriage which really bonds two individual and restrict their freedom in life. So they met each other and enter in to a relationship in a so called one night stand. But that night really turns everything in to another direction and we see Anand falls in love with Athira and the rest of the film focuses on the mental conflicts they both goes through as their life experiences, their life ideals etc going against each other.

Even though VK Prakash had presented the story with all its boldness at the same time carrying the lighter side of it, the effort at some point not really connected with the audience. He tried to make us feel the freedom of life and choices that our new generations wants and how they are using it when they got such a freedom. But the narration went too predictable at times and the melodrama that painted the film in the second half made all that progressive thoughts that told earlier weak and effectless. Even though the film can be an enjoyable one as it has lighter elements, music , Romance and all that a youngster want to watch to get himself entertained.

Performance of Sidharth Menon and Eva Pavithran was good but not extra ordinary. At some places we may feel that a more charming pair could have save the theme better than Sidharth and Eva did. But they were stable and did their best as they can. The screenplay raised only up to an average level and that had caused the slide down of the film, specially, in the second half. Prashant S Pillai’s music was good but he had nothing to do much as the ‘Rocking’ was only in the title and not really in the film in its musical parts. Lokanathan’s DOP was also ended up in an average level as the frames were not dashing as we expected it to be. Other actors like Mallika Sukumaran, Anumol, Poornima Bhagyaraj, Prakash Bare etc done their part decently as there was nothing for them to play extra ordinarily in the frames.

In total, Rockstar is a watchable entertainer if you are just looking for a decent new generation entertainer with some lighter moments, music, romance etc.

Director : VK Prakash
Release Date : 3/12/2015
Cast : Bobby Simha, Reshmi Menon

Review : Harikrishnan

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