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Samrajyam 2 Review

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‘Samrajyam 2’ after a lots of postponement and delays got released today all over. The film is conceived by the kollywood director named Perarasu and starred by Young actor Unni Mukundan. This was Perarasu’s first mollywood film and he had earlier done film with Mammootty in Tamil. The film was a sequel to the Mollywood hit film named Samrajyam which was released in 1990 directed by Jomon and starred by Mammootty. This film begins from where the above mentioned first part of it ends. In that film the lead Character named Alexander who is a don dies at the climax of the film and this film tells its story through the son of Alexander played by Unni Mukundan.

When the film announced with Unni Mukundan in the lead there was an air of intolerance occurred around the film at that time because when there is a young star like Dulquer Salmaan is in the industry why the crew had chosen Unni Mukundan to play the lead role and the question had raised from Mammootty fans as they love to see Dulquer as Alexander the reel life Son of his Father Mammootty. But anyway the film got started and completed its filming without much delay . But it has used almost 25 crore rupees to complete and touted as the biggest budget film ever made in mollywood after Pazhassi Raja.

Perarasu is a director who had directed hits like Thirupathi and Shivakashi in Tamil and he is the one who written the script for this film as well. And to be honest the film is a disaster and it had nothing to offer to the spectators. It is an absolute crap to say the least and it really bring defame to the first part as well by making such a shit as its sequel. Samrajyam 2 is a damped squib and it is an absolute waste of all of your time and energy.

Unni mukundan tried his best as the lead but his character has nothing to do as the script was that weak and it cannot get weaker than this. We are not telling anything about the story because we didn’t find a proper one to tell you. The film is a logicless affair and bundle of age old clichés that we had seen in many action films. The songs, camera etc are pathetic and direction was terrible as well. Please consider this as warning and be way from the theaters showing Samrjayam 2.

Director : Perarasu
Release Date : 5/6/2015
Cast : Unni Mukunda, Vijaya Raghvan, Devan

Review : Ajith

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