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Nirnayakam Review

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Nirnnayakam, the flick which had a lot of expectations right from the time of its announcement has released all over today and the flick had raised up to the level of expectations and more than that level. The V K Prakash directorial movie which had been penned down by the most celebrated and successful writing duo of Mollywood Bobby-Sanjay always has an air of great expectation surrounding it. It is due to the success which Bobby and Sanjay had got throughout their career. The protagonist of the film is played by young hero Asif Ali and actors like Nedumudi Venu, Sanusha, Saiju Kuruppu, Prem Prakash, Lena and Sudheer Karamana played some very important characters as well in this movie which is financed by Jose Simon and Rajesh George under the banner named Jairaj Films. It is distributed by Murali films in Kerala.

The film gives us the voice of the common malayali. The story starts with the character of Ajay played by Asif Ali who leaves from NDA as he thinks it was not his destiny to become a soldier even though he wanted to be a soldier in his childhood. Then he was in a confused state of what to do next and at that time his father calls him from Cochin who left him and his mother when he was only 5 years old. He is a an advocate in Kerala and he is in a weak condition due to blood cancer. So he calls his son to request him to help him in a born marrow transplantation operation which may save him. But he is not doing it to live long years. It is for getting his life a little prolonged to win a case that he is fighting now. And what is that case..? What is its importance..? How it become a turning point in Ajay’s life..? This is what the film tells you.

The film leaves you with an emotion which you can’t express in words. It tells us something which we all want to tell to this society or to this system. Our system needs a change and it is getting more and more dirty as each day pass by. Common man is suffering and his last resort is the judiciary. The film gives us hope that judiciary will be there for us. At the same time the flick is an eye opener for our executive system and the so called political parties who plays with the time and life of the common man. Democracy is said to be the rule for the people by the people and of the people. But now-a-days it is going in such a way that common people are suffering like slaves and they had no one to appeal to and no one to hear their voice for justice.

To say the least this was Asif Ali’s best ever performance and the best film he had done till now in his career. Asif seemed to be studied the character very well and he gave his all to the character and bring life to it with his fantastically modified set of acting skills. Asif had improved in a terrific manner and his under playing of emotions at some parts of the film was just superb and hats off to him for this matured yet highly energetic performance. The performances which really will made us spellbound has came from two men. They are Prem Prakash and Nedumudi venu. Both of them had just transformed as the characters and really made us feel that we are with them in their situation and after the climax part of the film in which Nedumudi Venu gives a little speech we will automatically stands up from our seats for a standing ovation.

But the real trump card of this flick is its terrific story line and unbelievably good scripting done by the master writers Bobby and Sanjay. With each film they are making us their ardent fans and this will also sure to bring them more and more recognition. V K Prakash also done a grreat job as he conceived the subject with so much precision and aesthetically beautiful. His tight yet flowing way of story telling really helped the flick a lot to go one step higher. M.Jayachandran’s songs and Ousepachan’s background scoring was very much apt to the mood of the film and Shehnad Jalal’s DOP was perfect as well as it really stood up to the aesthetic sense of the director and captured what the flick really want. The cuts by the experienced hands of Mahesh Narayan made the story telling a crisp and sharp one.

Nirnnayakam is the best film till date in 2015 which will go to Mollywood history as one of the classics of all-time. And we are not recommending you to watch it but insisting you all to watch it as soon as possible. Because cinema is not only about entertainment but also about enlightenment which can make our life better, our society better and our system a better one.

Director : VK Prakash
Release Date : 5/6/2015
Cast : Asif Ali, Nedumudi Venu, Prem Prakash

Review : Harikrishnan

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