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Ivide Review

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Shyama Prasad Directorial investigation thriller flick Ivide has been hit the screens today all over and it has a great star cast including Young super star Prithviraj and another raising young star of Mollwood named Nivin Pauly. Apart from these two the other prominent figure in this flick is actress Bhavana who is one of the most popular actress in South Indian industry. This flick had created lots of buzz among the film lovers as it is directed by the Shyama Prasad who had given many class films in Mollywood and also due to the genre of the film which Shyama Prasad not tried earlier.

Ivide tells us about the life of an Indo-American Police officer who named Varun Blake played by Prithviraj and it tells how other characters such as Krish and Roshni related to his life struggle. Varun was an orphan and he came to America after being adopted by an American family. He had a divorce from his wife Roshni Mathew played by Bhavana and had a daughter too named Isha. Varun Blake is really struggling to move on in his official as well as personal life after the divorce. Roshni is working in an IT company of which Krish is the boss played by Nivin Pauly and the Indian companies like theirs facing problems regarding outsourcing.

Krish wants to be the CEO of that company as his efforts had made that company so big. But his boss has other plans with his own son Adithya. And on the course of the story a love relation develops between Roshni and Krish. The story begins and moves forward through an investigation of homicides and Varun was the investigation officer. The flick at the same time shows us the progress of that investigation along with how it relates with the personal lives of Varun, Krish and Roshni.

But frankly speaking the film did not rise up to the level expectation and ended up being only an average affair much to the disappointment of the film lovers. The film said to be an investigation thriller not had much thrill and even pace in it to hold the audience glued to their seats. Prithviraj had given a matured and classy performance as Varun Blake. But Nivin Pauly and Bhavana were not quite amazed the viewers. The biggest negative is the script of the film written by Ajayan Venugopal which was a total let- down and the only positive thing in the film was the cinematography by Eric Dickinson which gave a Hollywood feel to the flick. The songs and bgm composed by Gopi Sundar also was not up to the mark and the film really moved like a cold one.

Nivin Pauly’s acting was felt like artificial at many places and it seems that when he got out of his comfort zone of romantic comedies and all that it become a bit difficult for him to be that smooth. In the acting part Prithviraj was just super with his American accent and even though Shyama Prasad had failed to use Prithvi’s Talent fully he did made a neat job as a director but making things under control with that shallow story and screenplay he got.

On the whole Ivide is a watchable flick for those who can go without zero expectations and otherwise you will be disappointed as it offered more but delivered nothing much.

Director : Alphons Puthren
Release Date : 29/5/2015
Cast : Nivin Pauly, Anupama Parameswaran, Sai Pallavi

Review : Harikrishnan

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