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Nirnayakam getting excellent reviews and great attention

Nirnayakam getting excellent reviews and great attention-Malayalam movie 2015-Asif Ali-Malavika Mohanan-Onlookers Media

Nirnayakam scripted by Bobby Sanjay and conceived by the master craftsman V K Prakash had hit the screens all over on last Friday and getting excellent reviews from all around and getting great critical appreciation which says it is the best in this year from Mollywood till now. The common audience also seems to accept the flick with both hands and the increasing Box office collection is an indication of that as well. The film is undoubtedly the career best movie of the lead actor Asif ali and we can also say the same with V K Prakash and may be about the script writing duo as well.

Nirnayakam is not a mass entertainer but a film with precise political views and one which expresses the issues facing by a common man in our modern society in which the upper hand or dominance is always kept with so called political parties and the film has great relevance in the current situation in which common man’s only hope seems to be our judiciary. There were many incidents occurring in our society which needs to be erased and we need to raise our voice against it. But we common men just seems like living trying to adapt those rather than take step forward or raise our voice against it.

This film tells us to take that needed step forward. It gives us hope that our voice may be an isolated one but it has the power to reach to the ears of our almighty judiciary and can change the existing faulted system of ours. The flick has been treated very realistically and the flick shows incidents which had happened in our society and which can happen in the future as well if we common men sit silent about these undemocratic activities of our political parties and the funny thing is that they are doing all these to us hiding behind the system of democracy.

Nirnayakam shows the hopes on our judiciary as well as raises many questions about the working of our current political and democratic system under the watch of our judiciary. It seems that common man is finding it difficult to live in this system as he has no power and all the power is vested on those ones on whom we placed our trust upon and they are failing to fulfill the duties they had towards the common man who gives them that power which they are enjoying and misusing.

Nedumudi Venu, Prem Praksh and Sudheer Karamana had just amazed the spectators with their unbelievable skills and Asif Ali also gave his all-time best performance for this film. A must film for each and every one among us as for us that this film is made of.

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