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Style Malayalam Movie Review

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Style is the latest Mollywood release directed by Ithihasa fame director Binu S and starred by young star Unni Mukundan. It will be Unni Mukundan’s main release after the film named KL 10 Pathu which released last year. The film has been written by Dominic Arun and Anil Narayanan. The film does not have much anticipation till the first look and trailer release of it. But after the trailer release it had suddenly become an anticipated one among the Christmas releases. Later the flick postponed to New year. The flick had been financed by Rajesh Augustine and distributed by LJ films owned by director Lal Jose.

The story of the film develops around the life of Tom played by Unni Mukundan. He is a car Mechanic. He was living happily with his father, mother and he has a younger brother too named Jerry. The story move forward when he meets a girl named Diya and falls in love with her. There is a parallel plot of the character named Edgar played by Tovino Thomas also moving in the film. Edgar is a psycho type character and he comes in to the life of Tom and Diya through an accident that happened to his favourite car and there story takes a turn.

Binu S was shot to fame with the success of Ithihasa which had Shine Tom Chacko, Balu Varghese and Anusree in the lead. That film which was a fantasy comedy was really an unexpected success in Mollywood. So this time he goes big with an action thriller which is made with full of stylish action, romance sequences and have humor part too to engage the audience. The main focus was on to the stylish performance of Unni Mukundan and Tovino Thomas and they had done their character to the maximum they can. While Unni Mukundan got applause for his stylish appearance and fight sequences, Tovino Thomas had stole show with his fabulous screen presence and cool attitude on screen.

DOP by Sinoj Ayyappan was super as his frames were very good like that he did in Ithihasa. Jassie Gift’s songs were just average ones and the background scoring by Rahul Raj were mass even though at many parts it reminded us of various Tamil film’s background music. Priya Khandelwal was just ok as the female lead and in fact she had nothing to do in the film except her cute looks. The fight sequences were high octane, the one before the interval portion. Unni Mukundan was just fabulous in that sequence specially. He is good in the romantic and comic part as well.

Binu S had narrated the story in the usual manner of an action entertainer and there is nothing extraordinary or never seen before stuff in the film. Style is altogether a decent mass entertainer for those who loves Tamil or Telugu like entertainers. It’s an out and out Unni Mukundan show.

Director : Binu S
Release Date : 02/01/2016
Cast : Unni Mukundan, Tovino Thomas, Priya Khandelwal

Review : Harikrishnan

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