Aanandam deleted scenes

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Aanandam deleted scenes

Aanandam written and directed by debutant Ganesh Raj was last year’s surprise winner. The movie by a team of youngsters was welcomed with great response from the audience. It registered good business in the box office and ended with a superhit tag.

Aanandam is a youthful entertainer revolving around a group of engineering students who are on a fun trip as part of their Industrial Visit. The movie featured seven new comers- Vishak Nair, Annu Antony, Thomas Mathew, Arun Kurian, Siddhi Mahajankatti, Roshan Mathew and Anarkali Marikar- in the lead roles.

Recently, the team released some deleted scenes from the movie. A total of 14 scenes were released.

The scenes were ordered as Breaktime with Akshay, Gautham and Devika, Gautham’s love for soft rock, Kuppi questioning Varun, Smoking hot Kuppi, Kuppi’s wise words, Everyone excited for Goa except Akshay, Akshay finds interesting contact in Dia’s phone, Kuppi surprise for Gautham, Engineering talks over seafood, Dia totally stumps Akshay with this truth or dare, Politics of Kuppi, Akshay setting up his date, Varun takes it up all on himself like always and Searching all over Goa for party.

All seven lead characters in the movie had different traits. The movie explored the possibilities of a movie around engineering life and Industrial Visit.

Director Ganesh Raj was backed by brilliant works from his technical team. Cinematography for the movie was handled by Premam fame Anend C Chandran and music was composed by Sachin Warrier. Abhinav Sunder Nayak was in charge of the cuts.

Vineeth Sreenivasan and Vinod Shornur produced the film under the banner of Habit Of Life and Cast N Crew.

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