Those who called Vinayakan as arrogant should watch this video

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Those who called Vinayakan as arrogant should watch this video

For the last few days, social media is flooded with posts about Vinayakan and his success after he won the Kerala State Film Award for the best actor. The actor won the award for his performance as Ganga in the movie Kammattipadam.

After the awards were announced, media persons followed their routine of flocking the actor’s house to get an exclusive interview. However, they were in for a surprise this time. Contrary to the usual sugar-coated sophisticated talks, they were greeted by someone very unrefined and brutally honest. Vinayakan was his usual self and did not have any kind of starry air. He spoke his mind and answered all the questions blatantly. He did not want the dramatic laddu-eating or posing with the family for the next day newspaper front page columns.

However, a section of public labelled him as arrogant and pompous. But the reality is Vinayakan tried to be himself without any sort of gimmicky. Yesterday, during the press meet he himself cleared airs about the allegations against him for being arrogant.

Vinayakan said that the thought of having won a State Award crossed his mind for a matter of just ten minutes. After that he was again back to his usual self. He also talked about the need to be compassionate to each other and lashed out against moral policing.

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