Dilwale scenes taken from Hollywood movies, TV show and TV commercial

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Dilwale scenes taken from Hollywood movies, TV show and TV commercial

“Sharaabi Entertainment is usually inspired by talented, unique and extraordinary aspects of filmmaking. But this time, an unapologetic lack of creativity urged us to create this video. After watching three painful hours of recently released Bollywood movie, Dilwale, starring SRK, Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon, our inner critique has rightfully awoken. We were shocked by Director, Rohit Shetty’s courage to copy (almost frame by frame) from popular Hollywood movies, American television series and not to spare, even a television commercial! We don’t mind borrowing ideas to a certain extent, but lifting entire scenes and creating a mishmash of previously seen wonders, is plain unethical and disrespectful to moviegoers.

Of course, we don’t expect the makers of Dilwale to understand concepts of integrity or empathize with the emotions of the audience. So what do the Dilwale filmakers really care about? Minting money from poor Indian masses, who have not had the chance to watch these Hollywood flicks? Taking advantage of die-hard SRK and Kajol fans, who are tired of watching DDLJ for the umpteenth time? Or perhaps, simply boredom and easy availability of funds to create yet another Bollywood disappointment? Take your pick.

Mr. Shetty: If you had so much time to sift through Hollywood material, why couldn’t you spend that same time in creating something original? Ah yes, for that you need to have imagination and intelligence, both of which you seem to lack.” – Sharaabi Entertainment Youtube Channel

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