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Online Predators Short Film-Malayalam 2014-Parvathi-Onlookers Media

Bodhini exposes online traps

It would be an understatement if you say that youngsters are addicted to social media such as Facebook, whatsapp etc. It has become an inevitable part of their lives just like food and water. But, a good portion of the youngsters are ignorant of the big threats that are concealed in these social networking sites. Youngsters make friends with the strangers on Facebook and they even go to the extent of revealing their secrets to them. But they are unaware of the fact that the person whom they consider their friend might be their biggest enemy. There are certain groups of perverts who are in constant search for such teenagers so as to make them their victims. They make use of innocent girls and women for their devilish motives and woman and girls find themselves trapped from where there is no escape.

Bodhini is organized by Cochin Metropolis Rotary club which aims at creating general awareness among young girls so that they can be alerted about the dangers that are awaiting them on social Medias. They have recently produced a short film under the direction of Shyama Prasad which deals with this issue. The short film has its base on the character of Shikha who is a school girl. She feels neglected by her parents who are too busy to spend some time with her. Therefore she finds solace in mobile chatting and Facebook. She befriends someone on Facebook and soon becomes close to him. But this friendship later turns out to be a nightmare for Shikha and she faces severe consequences for building up a close relationship with the stranger.

The film was uploaded on YouTube on October 18 which went viral on social medias.The video was watched by near two  lakh people which is an obvious sign of its popularity .It has become a subject for discussion among the youngsters as well as the parents. It sends a message to youngsters to stay away from strangers.  It also reminds the parents about the relevance of spending quality time with your children and to treat them like your friends so that they will feel comfortable enough to share everything with you.

Bodhini has also released a helpline number 8891-32-0005 which can be used by anyone who has fallen prey to this social hazard.

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