Vikram Fan got the moment of his life at Asainet Film awards 2016

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Vikram Fan got the moment of his life at Asianet Film awards 2016

Chiyaan Vikram, one of the super stars of Kollywood is always known for his dedication and commitment towards cinema. That is why he is said to be an actor with Zero haters. Now Chiyan Had increased his fan base in Kerala with an act that shows his simple and humble nature as well. During the Asianet film awards of this year, a fan of him breached the security line and came towards him. But the security reacted quickly and they tried to force that boy out of the VIP area. But Vikram stopped them and take some moment to spend with his fan and took a picture with him as well. He also allowed the boy to kiss him and hug him as well. The video is now going viral in social Media and it is damn sure that you will also become a fan of Vikram after watching it. We have that video with us and have a look at it guys..

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