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Arrested student’s mother for legal battle as she claims he is innocent

Arrested student’s mother for legal battle as she claims he is innocent

3 arrests were made in Premam issue yesterday and police said that those were very important ones as it has direct links with the lobby of piracy in Kerala. The arrested ones are from Kollam and they arrested for uploading the leaked censor copy of the film in to a website named through the internet. They had uploaded the print of the film in to the above mentioned website on June 22 as the police said to the media.

It is after almost 23 days of the release of the film and police had taken them to the Anti-piracy cell office for further investigation and interrogation and the authorities said that their words has great importance in this issue as they are prime suspects to have link with the ones who had leaked this censor copy out from censor board or from any other sources like studios of Ernakulam or Trivandrm.

But there is a twist in the tale is waiting in this too as in cinema. The mother of one of the arrested student cane out in public and said that her son is innocent and she is all set for the legal battle to prove his innocence. And more importantly she had said they do not have any computer at home to upload or do something like that. The mother said that her son has only saw the film Premam and he had got the pirated print from his friends. She says that the only mistake her son was made is to watch the film when he had got the print from his friends.

She also said that police had to find out the ones who leaked out the print from highly responsible places like censor board or any other big studios other than arresting and terrifying students or some common man who had seen it. She has a point made here as if arresting the one who saw the film is a cure then police have to arrest not these three alone. They have to arrest thousands more as the print is spread a lot through Whatsapp and pen drives that many had already seen it and also passed it to their friends.

The focus has to be on to the ones who leaked this out as the mother of that arrested student says.

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