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Celebrities against centre’s ban on cattle slaughter

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Celebrities against centre’s ban on cattle slaughter

Ever since the central government ordered a ban on cattle slaughter across the country, there has been extreme reactions in social media platforms. Most of them see this as an undemocratic decision from the part of the government.

Meat is consumed by a large section of people belonging to all communities. Kerala in particular is one of the highest meet consuming states in India. The ban of cattle slaughter will have a huge impact on thousands of people in the cattle rearing industry. The sale of beef will now be limited as small scale users will not be able to afford the government’s new directives.

Malayali social media users launched an attack against the centre for this rule. Celebrities were also not far behind by raising their voice through Facebook posts.

Actor/ filmmaker Roopesh Peethambaran expressed his concern over the ban by asking why the government did not ban the slaughter of chicken, goat and fish.

His post reads,
If Beef is Banned under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, then Chicken, Goat, fish etc should be banned as well!!!
I don’t think the government has got the balls to do that!!

The multi talented Vineeth Sreenivasan took a sarcastic dig at the central government over their new ruling. He asked whether someone can get him a list of what all is allowed to eat in different states of the country.

Vineeth has written,
What all can I eat in my country without getting arrested? What all can I eat from which all states? What all animal names can I say from which all taluks and panchayats? Can someone give me a list?
I am super obedient and tailor made for today’s India..
if I have offended anybody, I am super apologetic already..
” (sic)

Actress and social activist Maala Parvathy wrote that such rules will only be applicable in the North and not in Kerala. Similarly actor Aju Varghese and music composer Shaan Rahman posted photos of them having beef as a mark of showing their protest.

But the best of all came from Tovino Thomas. The actor shared a scene from his recent release Godha where he is seen explaining how beef is an emotion for Keralites. The team of Godha released the video right after the announcement of the ban. The video has been trending virally in social media pages.

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