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Ganesh Kumar says he knows the sources of Premam copy leak

Ganesh Kumar says he knows the sources of Premam copy leak

Premam issue has just ceased to be the priority of online Medias for a week as they got other subjects like Baahubali, Papanasam etc and also the Ramzan films are on its way to the silver screen. We also don’t hear much about that issue now from leading online news portals as well. The last we heard about the investigation is that the Anti-Piracy cell had conducted a raid in the Censor board office and seized the CD containing the film Premam which had given there to get censored.

Ant-Piracy cell had done so as the board had crossed the deadline given to them to submit the disc before the investigating authority. So they got the warrant from the court and proceed with the raid to seize what they want. They had their own doubts about the popular claim that Premam leaked out from the censor board office itself. So they had sent the seized disc from the board for more technical studies by the experts to get more vital information about the source from which the pirated print came out.

At this time that a revelation had come from an unexpected center and that is from actor and also the member of legislative assembly of Kerala, Mr. KB Ganesh Kumar. Ganesh Kumar had said that he clearly knows the source from which Premam had leaked out and he decided to give that information to Ant-Piracy cell. He blames that our police is not at all trying to find out the source from which it had come out to the public. They are just making the public fool by some cover up actions against poor CD shop owners and in fact making the lives of common CD shop owners a hell in the name of piracy rather than finding out the real source which had caused all this problem.

Ganesh Kumar added that the so called problems in the film industry is created by the people from the industry itself. On the wide release issue he said that people from small towns as well as from rural areas also wants to see films and the stand of Exhibitors Federation as the films should only be released at big theaters cannot be an agreeable one.

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