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Mohanlal is getting ready for Puli Murugan

Mohanlal in Puli Murugan-Malayalam Movie 2015-Vyshakh-Peter Hein-Onlookers Media

The name Mohanlal itself gives exhilaration for each and every malayalees and he is indeed the only one in mollywood who had that power and we call it the Mass power of an actor. The crowd pulling capacity of this actor is unparallel and in mollywood others can only dream of a fan base which he has. Whenever the news or a rumour comes that Mohanlal is doing a mass character or an action packed film or in other words if a news or rumour comes that Mohanlal is going to twirl his mustache the anticipation level of malayali audience will go sky high or beyond that as well.

Mohanlal is a demi- God among his fans or to an ordinary malayali and he enjoys a status in mollywood just like that of Rajinikanth enjoys in Kollywood. Mohanlal has been concentrating more on comedy, light roles for sometimes from 2013 or so and his mass characters are not there for 2 years. Many of them want him to twirl his moustache again and do a mass action role. Due to prior commitments and a slight injury he was delaying that mass rise of him. Now it seems to be the time to rise up again as a mass avatar. Mohanlal had already completed a sample firework in the name of ‘Loham’ which was made by Ranjith and it was said to be an action thriller and in which Mohanlal will be seen with a twirled mustache at some parts.

But the mega big bang is coming after that and it was titled Puli Murugan’ which will be helmed by none other than the young and talented hit maker of mollywood Mr. Vysakh. It will be Vysakh’s first ever association with the greatest actor of all time in India and the biggest star ever seen by Mollywood. Mohanlal’s performance in action scenes is so enviable that even many action directors many times said that he is the best they have ever seen in mollywood when it comes to the adventurous and dangerous action sequences and physical efforts. Puli Murugan will also have high degree action scenes and it will be created by the most valuable stunt master in India Mr. Peter Hein.

Mohanlal is getting in shape for this film by getting slim and trim as per the instruction of the action director. Vysakh said that this will be one of the best ever characters played by Mohanlal and will have never seen before action packed performance of him. The flick said to be starting in this month itself at Vietnam and there may be a change in the start of shoot to next month if his current film got delayed or something like that happened.

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