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Premam completes 150 days at Sree Visakh theater

Premam beats Drishyam-Total collection

The Premam fever is still on and it has completed 150 days at Sree Vishakh theatre, Thiruvananthapuram. Even though the movie faced many allegations regarding its theme and story the movie got good reception from audience. The movie’s censor print issue was also a burning issue in Kerala when the movie was running successfully in all theatres. Even if all these happened the movie still got warm welcome from the audience that the team succeeded in completing its 150 days. The young audience is the people who made this movie a big success, they watched it 6-7 times which really helped Premam team to grab more collection. Premam has successfully placed themselves one among the top grossing list.

When Premam got released and received good reception from everywhere, people were discussing about Premam surpassing Drishyam record. And it has truly surpassed Drishyam in somethings like the first 60 days Premam shows were all houseful, the extra show at midnight 12 every day making six shows in total. Not even Drishyam had these much houseful shows when compared to Premam. No other movie has got this much hype like Premam got, even though it had many issues on its way to the amazing collection and it has surely slowed down the collection Premam would have made in the initials. But this could be history as after facing this much allegations the movie is still in theatres completing 150 days. So we can think if the movie was not accused of anything it would have gone for a successful 200 or 250 days at many theatres.

The success was celebrated by Nivin Pauly saying he is so happy that my first movie Malarvadi Arts Club completed its 100 day run at Sree Visakh and after that my other movies Thattathin Marayathu and Banglore Days also was shown for 125 days and now Premam setting new records completing its 150 days. The producer of the movie Anwar Rasheed thanked Sree Visakh theatre for showing the film and promoting the movie to its 150 days even though the movie was attacked with censor copy prints which got spreading on its 50th day.

The theatre owner of Sree Visakh, Visakh Subramaniam said that the movie is still running at Sree Visakh for noon show and on Saturday and Sunday the theatre is houseful for Premam. He also added that if the movie was not attacked by any allegations or censor copy issue the movie would have run successfully for 250 days and for the 100 days the movie would have got houseful. The movie celebrated its 150 days with the residents from Sree Chithra Home and Mahila Mandiram. This success of Premam shows the love it has received from Kerala and this is clearly a message which conveys good and entertaining cinema make Malayalam industry evergreen.

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