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Premam issue-the suspicion falls on the crew itself

Premam issue-the suspicion falls on the crew itself

Just before the release of Baahubali the talking point of everyone in social media was Premam and the piracy issue that affected the film. Various allegations had made against many people in this case without any logic and base. Fan fights were happened in social media circle behind the cover of supporting Premam. Anti-piracy cell and Kerala police had took the investigation to another level and the tightening of the screws means that the ones who behind this was evidently running to keep themselves safe from the law enforcement organizations.

But by the release of Baahubali everybody turns their eyes and thoughts about that film and in social media specially people had forget about Premam and the piracy issue literally. But our Ant-Piracy cell was on the move all these days and the update came from them last day says that they had almost on the verge of arresting the one who is really behind the leaking of the censor copy. They waiting just a few time more to collect more evidence to tighten the screws on him. The culprit as per reports is one of the crew member of the film itself and said to be one among the editors of the film.

Anti-Piracy cell and police had made lots of raids and interrogation among the members of the film’s crew itself and from that raid they got some hard discs and other evidences. It has been proved that the print which bears the water mark of censor copy had leaked out from one of hat hard disc police seized and police now quite sure of who did this as well. They are just waiting for the some results to come out as well to ensure their suspicion.

They had already arrested some students weeks ago for uploading the print of the film into various websites and also conducted a raid in the censor board office in order to seize the DVD which has given to them by the crew for the censoring of the film. The sources from inside says that there has been two DVD ‘s which was prepared to give to censor board but only one has been given by the one who has entrusted to carry it and give it to the board.

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