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Premam piracy issue 8 arrests were made by Kerala police

Premam piracy issue 8 arrests were made by Kerala police

Kerala police at last began to act effectively in the Premam piracy issue after all those havoc it had caused in Malayalam film industry. Premam piracy issue had went too far and resulted in many problems in our industry which lead to the resignation of Anwar Rasheed from the film associations. He is the financer of this flick and frustrated by the unsupportive nature of film associations and Kerala police he was forced to quit as a protest.

But after he threatens to quit association like FEFKA and producers association came forward and described the methods and efforts took by them to kill piracy and also to catch the culprit in this case. B Unnikrishnan who is the general secretary of FEFKA had met the Honorable home minister of Kerala and discussed with him about this issue and the minister had lend all his support and ensured to act against this piracy issue as quickly as possible.

And for the last two days the Kerala police, Anti-Piracy wing and also the cyber cell had tightened their action and many arrests were made at different places in Kerala. Yesterday 3 people were arrested from Areekkodu of Malappuram District for selling the pirated print of this film and according to latest update 8 men more arrested from different places of Kerala for the same reason of selling the pirated copy of the film.

Premam piracy issue 8 arrests were made by Kerala police

The case has registered as the print of the film spreading through internet. The Anti-piracy cell and cyber cell had already started the investigation for the culprits who had uploaded the prints in the internet. There has been reports that the print is spreading as clips through Whatsapp as well and cyber cell is monitoring it as well. Police is going strong each day and more arrests were expected soon.

But still who is the one behind the leaking of the censor print remains as a mystery and to think that it had come out from the studios in which the post production work had took place is not logical in this situation as there is no evidence and also their explanation is withstanding as well. Anti -Piracy cell SP Rajpal Meena, DYSP M Iqbal, and inspector D K Prithvi Raj leading the investigation.

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