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Vinay Forrt garners unanimous praise for his career best performance in Thamaasha

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Vinay Forrt garners unanimous praise for his career best performance in Thamaasha

Debutant director Ashraf Hamza’s ‘Thamaasha’, which hit screens on June 5, is the current talk of M Town. The movie starring Vinay Forrt and Chinnu Chandini in the leads has got extremely positive response from both the critics and common audience. ‘Thamaasha’ is a heartwarming film that carries a very pertinent message about body shaming and the importance of not violating others private spaces.

Vinay Forrt’s fabulous performance in the lead role is one of the biggest assets of the movie. His character Sreenivasan is this well-mannered college professor who is low on confidence courtesy his bald head. The movie explores the insecurities and various complexes that he carries. The actual core plot is about Sreenivasan befriending three women and how he eventually finds the right partner.

Sreenivasan of ‘Thamaasha’ had shades of Vinay Forrt’s own Vimal, also a professor, from ‘Premam’. However, it is evident that the actor has taken conscious efforts to not repeat the same act. Since it is not a loud character, the actor has played it subtly with a distinct body language and relying more on his quirky facial expressions.

With his genuine smile and instantly likeable charm, Vinay Forrt makes it easy for the audience to root for Sreenivasan. For almost a year, he has been solely concentrating on this movie and one can easily say that his efforts haven’t gone in vain. He has delivered his career best performance and due appreciation is pouring in from all corners.

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