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Swargathekkal Sundaram is an upcoming Malayalam film directed by Manoj Aravindakshan and the lead characters are played by none other than Sreenivasan and Lal, who is also popular as writers and directors. The script of the film is penned down by Rajesh raghavan. This film is a social family drama and the the plot of this movie occurs in a small town in Kerala. As we said it’s a Socially relevant theme tells through a family story and also embellisherd with the typical srrenivasan kind of humour.

The story revolves around three main characters . They are, a family man played by Sreenivasan, a local lottery and real estate agent played by Laland  the role of an abkari which will be done by none other than Joy Mathew. The theme of friendship and family emotions of the characters played by Sreenivasanand Lal will be told in a different style in this film and that will be the thing which will make this film stands apart from the usual family dramas we see today.

Another very interesting characters such as ‘Touchings Jaya’, which will be  played by Mythili will be one of the highlights of this film and it will be a unique kind of character in Malayalam film and in Mythili’s career too. Actress AshaAravindwill play the  wife ofSreenivasan’s character and which will be a challenging role for her. Sreejithravi also plays an important character in this film.

The film will be picturised on locations in and around Kochi. The movie is produced by Shaji Thomas and it will be produced under the banner of Ponnu films.  Sameer haq will be the director of Photography and Ayoob khan will handle the editing table. Music will be composed by Rakeshkeshavan to the lyrics written by Engandiyoor Chandra shekharan. Vihayyesudas,Najeemarshad and Renjinijose will be the singers for the tracks. Make up will be done by Rajiv Ankamaly and art direction section will be controlled by Diljith M Das. Costume department will be in the hands of Sunil rahman. Apart from the screenplay, the story of the film also written by Rajesh raghavan.



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