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Actor Dileep demands 50 crore as compensation

Actor Dileep demands 50 crore as compensation-Onlookers Media

Popular Malayalam actor Dileep send a court notice to the leading daily Times Of India asking for a compensation of rupees 50 crores as the newspaper had published a news which defames him. Dileep told in that court notice that the newspaper had published news which defames him , without checking the authenticity and truth behind the News.

Dileep also accused them that they are done this against the ethics of Journalism and they have no right to call themselves a good newspaper. He said in that court notice that the news they published without checking the facts defamed him much and Dileep warned them that if  he will not get a proper reply from them within 10 days of the receiving of the court notice, he will move forward with further legal procedures against them without any delay.

The case is that Times of India Published a report earlier that ‘D-cinemas’, the new multiples complex that was made by Dileep at chalakkudy has used Government land and it was an illegal building made by Dileep against the land rules. Times of India reported that the land which is used by Dileep for the construction was owned by the Cochin royal family earlier and was later renamed as ‘oottu pura parambu’ and the ownership of the land was taken by the Government bodies.

In 1964, government made a declaration that the land is under the ownership of government and the power to use the land will only be given to the members of the Royal family whose property it was earlier. Advocate K C Santhosh, who had filed case against Dileep accuses him that he made illegal use of the land to construct his theater complex. But there is the legal document available which says that Dileep has bought 92.9 cent from this land and Dileep had bought this land from 4 persons named Biju Philip, Augustine, Paul and Saji. In 2013, it was reported to the Thissur District Collector and collector had declared that the land which Dileep has was not the property of government and it was Dileep’s now according to the land rules. Only after the declaration by the collector that Dileep completed the construction of his theater complex.

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