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Ananya’s husband undergoes a makeover

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Ananya’s marriage with the businessperson Anjaneyan was more in news than her movies owing to the dramatic incidents that surrounded the marriage. Their marriage was fixed with the consent of Ananya’s parents.  But later, her parents backed down from the marriage after realizing that it is his second marriage.  Ananya and Anjaneyan were affianced by that time. This gave rise to innumerable speculations on their impending marriage.There were various reports which implied that he is actually a divorcee. Some have even presumed that Ananya might not marry him because of the strong objection from her parents.

However, Ananya was not willing to part from him and decided to stand by his side against her parents’ wish. She claimed that she has absolute trust in Anjaneyan and that she will not separate with him just because of these allegations.  However, she was in no mood to reveal more about her marriage and maintained silence on the subject. During a chat show, Ananya verified that she is married to Aanjeneyan. They started to attend the award functions and other such functions as a couple.

According to some sources, they got married at Thirupathi temple without the knowledge of her parents. Ananya’s father revealed that he did not have prior information about the marriage and that he learned about it from the news. But, what bothered Ananya’s fans more was the incompatibility of the couple.  He was double the size of Ananya and their size difference was too apparent to overlook. Many fans questioned the choice of Ananya and openly said that she has made a poor selection. Everyone was poking fun at Aanjaneyan on social media.  It looks like they took all these jibes seriously, as his latest photo indicates that he has gone through a weight loss program.

Ananya recently posted her photo with Aanjaneyan on her official Facebook page where Aanjaneyan appears to have a remarkably slim body. The photo has come as a surprise for everyone including those who have mocked him for his overweight. The inside sources claim that Ananya is the main reason for this makeover of her husband. The photo is receiving overwhelming response from the fans. Ananya is currently working on Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada movies which is expected to release this year.

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