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I can’t never act like my father, says Dulquer Salmaan

Dulquer Salmaan's Replay to Ram Gopal Varma-Mammootty Issue-Onlookers Media

Appreciation for anything is always a good thing as it motivates and inspires an artist or a sportsperson or anyone for that matter. But sometimes that appreciation can cause a bad feeling as well if that one hurt somebody’s feeling or trust. You can appreciate someone by highlighting his ability to do something and his positive points and skills. And in some other times you can appreciate a younger one by comparing his performance to a great one in the same field just in a way saying that at some point the youngster’s performance was making us remember the great one’s performance. But comparing a young one to a great one and saying that the former one is nothing in front of the youngster is a kind of appreciation that really hurts some either the youngster or the great one to whom the younger one is compared.

That is the thing what is happened in our film industry or may be happening now here as Dulquer Salmaan’s skills as an actor is widely appreciated as he had given a great showing of his skills in his second Tamil film named OK Kanmani and the film was made by Mani Ratnam. But the problem began as Dulquer Salmaan is began to get the appreciation from different artists in the industry as many of them comparing him with his father Mammootty and they are expressing their opinion that Dulquer is far better than Mammootty.

These all was started by the master film maker Mani Ratnam as he was asked about Dulquer’s performance in the film. The director of the film Mani Ratnam said to the media who asked this question to him that Duquer Salmaan is far better than his father Mammootty in acting and very different as well. Mani Ratnam’s opinion was really serious one as he had made film with Mammootty as well. Later Ram Gopal Varma came out and said that Mammootty is just a junior artist in acting when we compare him with Dulquer’s performance and he also said that Mammootty should learn some realistic acting from Dulquer Salmaan.

But Dulquer Salman is not at all in a mood to accept all of this appreciation as he in his Facebook status told to the people that he cannot even come close to his father in acting even if he tries many lifetimes. We can wait now to see where all this goes from here.

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