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Celebrities about Angamaly Diaries

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Celebrities about Angamaly Diaries

A preview show for director Lijo Jose Pellissery’s upcoming movie Angamaly Diaries was organised yesterday for selected few invitees at PAN Cinemas, Nucleus Mall in Kochi.

Popular filmmakers like Lal Jose, Joshiy, VK Prakash, Sibi Malayil and actors like Asif Ali, Tovino Thomas, Sunny Wayne, Ramya Nambeesan, Chandini Sreedharan, Aparna Balamurali, Anu Mol and many others attended the preview show along with the whole cast and crew of Angamaly Diaries.

Here’s what the celebrities had to say about the movie after the show:

Asif Ali

Terrific movie! Once again a Lijo magic.

Lal Jose

It’s a wonderful film. They have succeeded in showing the nativity of Angamaly that we’ve only heard about. The most unbelievable aspect is delivering such a great movie with 86 newcomers. Congrats Lijo Jose Pellissery.

Sunny Wayne

I am thrilled about watching a realistic movie after a long gap. I am a very big fan of raw and realistic movies. Climax portions were awesome.

Midhun Manuel Thomas

It’s a rocking movie from the master blaster Lijo Jose Pellissery. The movie has captured the essence of the lives of the locals in Angamaly. Climx was superb.


Excellent movie. I wish that all of them get more chances in movies. Congrats Lijo Jose Pellissery!

Joju George

It’s a wonderful movie with Chemban’s brilliant screenplay. A great work from Lijo and his team. All the actors were fantastic. I am actually worried about acting after watching their brillaint performance.

Sudhi Koppa

Angamaly Diaries will be this year’s most novel movie.

Ramya Nambeesan

The movie was very raw and realistic. It’s unbelievable that the movie features so many newcomers. Enjoyed the watch.


All the actors have performed well. It’s hard to believe that all of them are newcomers. Wish more such movies are attempted in Malayalam.


I am a very big fan of Lijo Jose Pellissery. The movie’s making was brilliant and all the newcomers have showcased amazing performances.

Boban Samuel

A very good movie that oozes a lot freshness. Angamaly Diaries has gifted a lot of talented actors to Malayalam cinema. Hope it turns into a huge hit.

Saiju Kurup

Brillaint filmmaking. All the actors were fantastic with their raw and natural performances. They have just behaved very normally. It’s the first time that I am seeing all the newcomers perform well. Antony was great. Chemban has also written a wonderful script.

VK Prakash

Good filmmaking style and background score. The content was also very solid. Good songs also. Overall it’s a fantastic film.

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