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I don’t support Kiss of Love but I am against moral policing: Tovino Thomas

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I don’t support Kiss of Love but I am against moral policing: Tovino Thomas

Moral policing issues are on the rise in Kerala. Many incidents have been reported in the past few months were youngsters and couples have been attacked and humiliated. Recently, Shiv Sena activists lash young couples with cane in Marine Drive, Kochi. The issue has triggered widespread protests against moral policing.

Celebrities like Rima Kallingal, Vinayakan and Aashiq Abu have all raised their voice against the issue. Actor Tovino Thomas also expressed his aversion to moral policing. But his words somehow got twisted and it was reported that Tovino Thomas is supporting the Kiss of Love movement.

Tovino while talking to Onlookers Media has said, “I don’t support Kiss of Love movement but I am strictly against moral policing. It is pathetic that people stigmatize love as something more dangerous than rapes. Where were these people during rapes and assaults against women? Why didn’t they react then?

The actor continued, “Who are they to determine whether the couples were doing anything immodest? Even if their conduct was so, is shooting their videos and spreading it to the public the right kind of moral policing? Ideally, their parents should be informed and try to make them understand the seriousness of the issue.”

“Recently, I talked about all this in a press meet, but the video was edited before posting in social medias. I want everyone to see what I actually said during the press meet”, added Tovino Thomas.

Here we attach the video of Tovino’s talk in the press meet.

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