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Dulquer Salmaan Praises Mammootty and Pathemari

Dulquer Salmaan with Mammootty-Malayalam Movie News

Mammootty starrer flick Pathemari is getting great reviews and already got the status of one of the best film released this year. Salim Ahammad’s direction, screenplay and Mammootty’s acting is also get appreciated as well. People who loves class realistic films watching it and giving great opinion about the movie in social Media and everyone is hoping that these great reviews will help the film get the box office success as well. Common audience has to support the film as they support entertainers to make it a good success and to prompt the film makers to make films of this quality in Mollywood with actors Like Mammootty and Mohanlal who is conserved even best in the whole nation. Now Actor Dulquer Salmaan, son of Mammootty also came by praising his father’s acting and also the film in his social media page.

Dulquer Salman says that he has been hearing only great things about the film. He says that everyone is giving 4/5 and 9/10 type rating to the film and it is a glad news indeed. He says that such audience response proves again that people still loves good cinema.

Mammootty just gave a great performance as Pallickal Narayanan and no one can leave the theater without feeling pain for even a while for his character. It is the second association of Mammootty with Salim Ahammad and the first one was Kunjananthante Kada which released in 2013. It was also a critically acclaimed one even though the box office fate was not good. So everyone had to support Pathemari who also got great critical opinion. This film have to be saved from the fate of Kunjananthante Kada or other good films which did not received good box office success.

It is only the success will make more financers and film makers to come forward and make quality films in the industry. Then only our super stars like Mammootty and Mohanlal will be exploited as actors. Now they are only used as stars and our film makers are really wasting their enormous talent. Their talent is priceless and films like Pathemari only can make good use of it.

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